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Do you know how CO2 will impact your product portfolio and your Pricing strategy ? The price of CO2 now exceeds 50 € per ton, an increase of more than 50% in just one year. At the same time, public regulations are tightening transparency requirements on companies’ carbon footprint. And State pressure will inevitably increase […]

Principal Pricing Methods & Approaches – Part II

In follow-up to the description in Part I of Value-Based Pricing and other pricing approaches prevalent in the market, we’ll present in Part II an overview of what Strategic Pricing is all about and the advantages it brings to companies seeking to implement a profitable, sustainable approach to pricing across their portfolio of products and services.

Principal Pricing Methods & Approaches – Part I

Generating a lot of ink and debate, ‘Value-Based Pricing’ is often deemed the ideal way to set prices. But its relevant usage is limited to contexts in which demonstrative product differentiation, i.e., real innovation, can be shown.

Putting a B2B pricing myth to bed

Deconstructing a long-standing myth in B2B markets, namely that companies have little wiggle room in setting prices for their products and services because prices are imposed by the market; it’s the law of supply and demand. This myth is particularly insidious because it creates a reluctance on the part of CEO’s to leverage pricing as […]