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WhiteHeron Software
A French start-up

WhiteHeron Software is a French start-up with a unique regard on how to design and develop advanced pricing software for the B2B space. The founders have significant experience in bringing complex software solutions to market and thrive within a broader ecosystem of companies delivering BI, data visualization, consulting and Big Data solutions. Since day one the company has had a laser sharp focus on delivering solutions that meet the needs of B2B companies whether in process industries, discrete manufacturing, distribution or services.


Our mission is to become your partner in B2B pricing. To achieve this, we are committed to creating significant long-term enterprise value and faster growth for our clients. The path forward is charted by our three primary objectives:

Deliver an integrated suite of tools that will help customers determine optimum target prices for each transaction using effective segmentation and profitability targets per segment.

Leveraging our data analytics capability, ensure customers achieve sustainable price performance and ongoing mass margin improvement combined with continuous market feedback.

Accompany customers in their transformation journey to a more collaborative, cross-functional approach while ensuring the alignment of their Pricing and Business Strategies.


Enabling our clients building a sustainable competitive advantage through Strategic Pricing

WhiteHeron Software

Strategic pricing by Design


In their quest to meet growth and profitability targets, B2B companies are challenged on multiple fronts: raw material price volatility, lack of transparency in market prices, limited understanding of their own margin drivers, growing complexity in their value chain and increasing difficulty in sales negotiations with sophisticated buyers.

We have turned these challenges into potential value creation for our customers through the development and implementation of a methodology structured in step-like fashion:

  1. Price & Margin analytics
  2. Sales strategy & Price setting
  3. Execution & Sustainability

Price & Margin Analytics

  • Seamless integration with customer ERP for uploading relevant information and simple export of pricing data to customer BI tools
  • Rapid assessment of current price performance and improvement potential looking at prior period sales transactions
  • Identification of potential price and cost drivers as well as development of cost laws derived from operational data
  •  In-depth Cost Intelligence providing full transparency on costs and their behavior for activities, products, services or projects
  • Multiple “what if” simulations covering pricing, cost and profitability
  • Analysis of product and customer portfolio profitability to highlight competitive issues and prioritize areas for pricing improvement

Sales Strategy & Price Setting

  • Definition of relevant top-down Pricing Strategies derived from Business Strategy (growth, market penetration, profitability targets) and their translation into relevant Target Prices by business segment
  • Bottom-up adaptation of sales targets to meet local market specificities while respecting overall corporate objectives
  • Simulations of impact on historical margins resulting from changes in pricing strategy
  • Automatic generation and versioning of multiple Price Lists derived from SKU target prices combined with defined discount structure
  • Set-up and management of pricing processes and governance through automated pricing workflows
  • Definition of protocols governing user access rights to approved application modules and data


  • Preparation of real-time, customizable quotations for Price List products as well as new products and complex projects
  • Validation of sales force compliance to group pricing policies and guidelines
  • “What if” simulations of potential margin improvement levers when preparing for contract re-negotiation
  • Post-negotiation gap analysis between target and achieved conditions
  • Production of comprehensive price performance reports focusing on variance to target price and overall price performance impact on revenue/margins
  • Continuous feedback loop from market dynamics to pricing strategy


We deliver the right tools
to all players in the pricing process
enhancing their individual performance
while ensuring a cohesive Pricing Strategy

Our modular software suite
is designed to ensure a rapid,
intelligent roll-out of even
the most complex pricing projects
Our innovative costing module
is designed to deliver true,
in-depth cost intelligence
at the EBIT level
With its self-learning capability,
our software helps uncover
the source of price variances and
facilitates adjustments to pricing tactics


The WhiteHeron Software team impressed us with their professionalism, their domain expertise and above all their willingness to listen. They helped us define a new vision of our costing and pricing principles and convinced us of the soundness of the paradigm shift underlying their approach. Their motivation to build the pricing solution that would best meet our needs was unfailing.

We thus shared the same objectives, which helped foster open, frank and frequent communications. The results speak for themselves : more reliable and faster price quotations, reinforced trust of our customers and very significant margin gains.

Tristan Farabet, CEO of Pochet Group at the time of the project