WhiteHeron Pricing™
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WhiteHeron Pricing™, THE solution for B2B pricing, is a suite of software modules which deliver a fully integrated, end-to-end, Strategic Pricing solution, available On Premise or Cloud-based.

In addition to facilitating the analysis of pricing and margin performance in prior periods and the ability to simulate the effect of changes in strategy prior to implementation, the solution allows companies to dynamically and continually measure price and margin performance. Senior management is thus able to maintain competitive prices and optimum margins in a context of constant change and fierce competition.

The functional architecture of WhiteHeron Pricing™ flows naturally from our Methodology providing a unique solution for B2B companies seeking to optimize pricing and profits. It is composed of three clusters, each containing three modules, which deliver continuous improvement and can be visualized as follows:


Pricing & Profitability Diagnostic

Pricing Strategy & Price Setting

Price Execution & Sustainability

Pricing & Profitability Diagnostic

Pricing Strategy & Price Setting

Price Execution & Sustainability

Pricing and Profitability Diagnostic

THE BIG PICTURE: gain insights using historical sales transaction/pricing data in order to analyze price performance; simulate changes to the current pricing model and look for areas of potential pricing improvement; using our in-depth, advanced cost intelligence, gain insights into your true competitive costs at a granular level across the entire value chain; analyze profitability of your portfolio, by business dimension, at GM or EBIT levels.

Price Transaction Analyzer “PTA”

Costing & Should Cost Model “SCM”

Profit Margin Analyzer “PMA”

KEY ACTORS (BU Manager, Sales, Marketing, Controller, …)

Some example outputs include:

  • Analysis of price ranges by SKU, Weighted Average Price by sales rep, Regression analyses
  • “What if” simulations based on current sales performance
  • Fixed vs. Variable activity and product costs
  • Impact of idle capacity on fixed costs absorption
  • Carbon content per product
  • All Costing Results for Actual/Budget/Plan/Ruthless Competitor, …
  • Visualization of Competitive Assessment & Profitability Analysis using different graphs (Bell curve, S curve, …)
  • Profitability cross-analyses leveraging a vast choice of graphical displays (Bell curve, S curve…) at most granular level per product x customer

Example output: WAP Spread by Sales Rep

THE BIG WIN: with the knowledge coming from our pricing analytics and in-depth cost intelligence, customers benefit from improving total mass margin over time. As well, with our new capability integrating carbon emissions (and other GHGs) into the costing of activities, products and services, companies can now measure the impact of the cost of CO2 on the profitability of their customer and product portfolios and adjust their pricing strategy accordingly.


THE BIG PICTURE: after reviewing and adjusting existing segmentation, define top-down Sales Strategy for growth and profitability targets for each business segment; automatically generate and update Price Lists by SKU (including approved discount structure); manage the Pricing Process while overseeing access to authorized application modules.

Sales Strategy Manager “SSM”

Price List & Discount Manager “PLD”

Pricing Process Manager “PPM”

KEY ACTORS (Sales, Marketing, BU Manager, Controller, …)

Some example outputs include:

  • Target Price Algorithm : selection of a Price strategy per market segment according to different possible methods: target margin, target growth, pass-through policy, price increase, market driven pricing, value based pricing ; possible consideration of demand / price elasticity ; possible combination of several price strategies
  • Set up of Variance to Target Price Thresholds
  • Target Price by SKU
  • Target Price compared with past transactions
  • Price List updates, changes and alerts
  • Multi-currency adaptions of the Price List
  • Mapping of pricing process workflow steps, users and access rights
  • Access rules by user to ensure confidentiality of sensitive data

Example output: Simulation of a new Sales Strategy

THE BIG WIN: in aligning with our “Strategic Pricing” approach, namely the ability to quickly and effectively set Target Prices derived from Target Margins differentiated by business segment, customers are able to maximize value in the long-term.


THE BIG PICTURE: rapidly produce complex, customizable price offers for new and existing products within predefined thresholds; simulate adjustments to top-down Pricing Strategies on a local level; prepare for price re-negotiation of existing key account contracts by testing the impact of one or more price levers; monitor Price Performance over time including price spread, price leakage, etc.

Configuration & Price Quotation “CPQ”

Margin & Contract Optimizer “MCO”

Price Performance Tracker “PPT”

KEY ACTORS (Sales, Key Account Manager, Controller…)

Some example outputs include:

  • Real-time Should Cost and Target Price Quotations for specific, complex customer orders
  • Proposed locally adjusted Target Prices by SKU, segment or product family
  • Assessment of changes to key account value and performance after activating different contract negotiating tactics (at portfolio and SKU levels)
  • Gap analysis post contract negotiation between target and achieved conditions
  • Other leading/lagging Price Performance KPIs (Variance to Target Price, RM pass-through, …)
  • Comparison of overall Business Strategy to newly set Growth & Margin Targets by segment


THE BIG WIN: accessing a critical feedback loop to the market, customers are able to monitor Price Performance through a set of KPIs and to regularly adjust their Pricing Strategies and Target Prices.

In choosing WhiteHeron Software and WhiteHeron Pricing™,

The Big Win

  • We offer not only the most comprehensive pricing and profitability solution in the B2B space, we have included a unique and innovative approach to costing that is designed to deliver true cost intelligence down to the EBIT margin level.
  • Despite the richness and depth of our software solution, we offset it with a simple user interface and embedded workflow.
  • We are home to a team of young, dynamic, driven software engineers who share our commitment to unsurpassed quality and accessibility.
  • As firm believers in the idiom ‘Time is money’, we ensure that the set-up and installation phase of our solution is limited to a handful of months.
  • We are your partner in initiating a broad, cross-functional C-Level transformation leading to quick and significant benefits and improved competitive advantage.