WhiteHeron Software
Our Extended Family

The WhiteHeron Software ecosystem of strategic partners came about naturally and intuitively. Determined to stay true to our mission and vision as a software publisher while seeking synergies with companies sharing our vision, we have forged alliances with four partners and look forward to developing other partnerships over time.

Kearney, a leading strategy and management consulting firm, has developed an innovative concept and approach to optimize margins of industrial and distribution companies in the complex B2B market segment. It does so by leveraging an end-to-end integrated costing and pricing methodology which includes pricing strategy, target price setting and price performance tracking and sustainability. Its consultants maintain the pulse on where the market is heading and what individual customers are seeking from a pricing and profit optimization solution and feed the information to our development team.

We’d been looking for a software solution in Europe that would let us bring our expertise to bear and which could interface with the Kearney Framework. We were quickly convinced by WhiteHeron Software, its novel development approach and the expertise of its management team…

Guillaume Teixeira (Partner)

OmniContact, an IT outsourcing company, is able to provide specific technical resources needed on an interim basis ensuring that WhiteHeron Software can meet its delivery objectives.

Thanks to the work ethic shared by our two companies, WhiteHeron Software is able to intervene in a timely and effective way during WhiteHeron Software’s major growth phases.

Denis Daull (CEO)

Values Associates, a consulting and integration company in the Business Intelligence space, offers a bridge between the information residing in its BI systems and WhiteHeron Software’s technology.

The synergy between our companies and what we deliver to our customers is evident. We are looking forward to our continued collaboration and a long-term, fruitful partnership.

Bénédicte Massart (COO)

Dumarest Strategies, founded by Laurent Dumarest, is a consulting company focused on pricing optimization, sales effectiveness and sustainable growth strategies while working with technology solutions such as WhiteHeron Software in this domain. It provides high-value support to companies and their leadership team who are interested in transforming their approach to pricing and optimizing their margins in order to gain a long-term competitive advantage.

Sharing the conviction that Strategic Pricing is the optimal approach to creating sustainable, profitable growth for companies in the B2B space, Dumarest Strategies looks forward to a long and successful collaboration with WhiteHeron Software. WhiteHeron Pricing™ is unique in its ability to simultaneously manage costs, prices and margins in an integrated, modular suite while supporting the strategic planning cycle and helping align a company’s pricing strategy to its business objectives.

Laurent Dumarest (CEO)