About WHS (by us)

WhiteHeron Software may be a start-up, but the company’s vision as well as the conception and design of its solutions long pre-date its incorporation. The founders believed the time was ripe for a paradigm shift in the design, development and delivery of advanced pricing software, especially in the increasingly complex, constantly evolving B2B space, the focus of its efforts since day one.

Our objectives

They underlie everything we do

The spirit of WHS and our goal to create significant long-term enterprise value and faster growth for our clients, as reflected in our software suite, can be ascribed to three primary objectives:


Deliver an integrated suite of tools that will help customers, in the highly complex B2B space, determine optimum target prices for each transaction using effective segmentation and profitability targets per segment


Leveraging our data analytics capability, ensure customers achieve sustainable pricing performance and ongoing margin improvement combined with continuous market feedback


Accompany customers in their transformation journey to a more collaborative, cross-functional approach to strategic pricing

Our approach 

A daring way to price for the B2B sector

Today, B2B companies are challenged on multiple fronts: raw material volatility, lack of transparency in market prices, limited understanding of their own margin drivers, growing complexity in their value chain and increasing difficulty in sales negotiations with sophisticated buyers. Our approach – a daring way to price for the B2B sector.

Thanks to the radically different approach underlying our B2B pricing solution, we have turned a challenge into a significant potential for value creation for our customers through the creation and implementation of an application methodology structured in four sequential steps:


Step I, Cost and Margin Intelligence, includes:

  • a seamless integration with the customer’s ERP for uploading relevant information
  • a rapid assessment of the current state of price performance looking at sales transactions from prior periods
  • the identification of potential price and cost drivers as well as areas for pricing improvement
  • in-depth Cost Intelligence providing full transparency on costs and their behavior related to activites, products
  • an analysis of product and customer portfolio profitability to highlight competitive issues and prioritize areas for pricing improvement


Step II, Sales Strategy & Price Setting, includes:

  • the definition of relevant top-down pricing strategies derived from Business Unit strategy (growth, market penetration, margin targets) and their translation into relevant target prices by business segment
  • the bottom-up adaptation of these targets in order to meet local market specificities while respecting overall corporate objectives
  • the automatic generation and versioning of Price Lists derived from SKU target price and discount structure/levels


Step III, Quotation & Negotiation, includes:

  • implementation of the price strategy and price guidance in the preparation of real-time quotations for new and existing products
  • the calculation and generation en masse of restated target price for all products sold in a prior period
  • the simulation of potential margin improvement levers in preparing for contract re-negotiation
  • a gap analysis between target and achieved conditions post-negotiation


Step IV, Price & Margin Performance Tracking, includes:

  • the production of comprehensive price performance reports focusing on variance to target price and overall price performance impact on revenue/margins
  • the tracking of price performance of local sales teams and validation of compliance to group pricing policies and guidelines
  • the set-up and management of pricing processes and governance through automated pricing workflows
  • the definition of protocols governing user access rights to approved application modules and data

Our mission 

To become a de-facto pricing standard for B2B companies

Understand and bring value to all pertinent members of the organization


Implement a joint development approach starting with a POC then general rollout


Arm the sales team with the tools needed to negotiate with procurement specialists

Our difference 

We’re not a generic pricing solution


We are focused exclusively on the complex, B2B market.


Our solution is designed to facilitate adaptation to specific customer requirements in joint development mode using a set of existing technical bricks. 


Our software suite is designed to handle the most complex customer demands, differentiated market segments and thousands of SKU’s.


We let our customers choose between two commercial models: On Premise or Software as a Service "SaaS".

Whiteheron Pricing™

WhiteHeron Pricing™, THE solution for B2B pricing, is a suite of software modules which deliver a fully integrated, end-to-end, Strategic Pricing solution, available On Premise or in the Cloud.

We firmly believe in the importance of dynamically and continually measuring price and margin performance thereby allowing senior management to maintain competitive prices and optimum margins in a context of constant change and fierce competition.

The functional architecture of WhiteHeron Pricing™ flows naturally from our four-step application methodology outlined above, effectively providing a unique solution for B2B companies seeking to optimize pricing and profits. It is composed of four clusters, each with a subset of modules, which deliver continuous improvement and can be visualized as follows:

1.  Pricing and Profitability Diagnostic

The Big Picture: Gain insights using historical sales transaction/pricing data in order to analyze price performance, the current pricing model and improvement potential; using our in-depth, advanced cost intelligence, customers gain insights into true competitive costs (covering the entire value chain) in order to analyze portfolio profitability, by business dimension, at GM or EBIT levels.

This first cluster is composed of three modules:

Price Transaction Analyzer ‘PTA’

Costing & Should Cost Model ‘SCM’

Profit Margin Analyzer ‘PMA’

Key actors (BU Manager, Sales, Marketing, Controller, …) can generate numerous outputs thanks to the intelligence underlying our data analytics tools and processes and our choice of Activity-Based Costing and Should Cost Model. Some example outputs include:

  • Analysis of price ranges by SKU, Weighted Average Price by sales rep, Regression analyses
  • ‘What if’ simulations based on current sales performance
  • Fixed vs. Variable activity and product costs
  • All Costing Results for Actual/Budget/Plan, …
  • Visualization of Competitive Assessment & Profitability Analysis using different graphs (Bell curve, S curve, …)

Example output: Discount Spread by Industry


The Big Win:  As a result of our technical decision to embed “R” (statistical computing and graphics software) in the PTA and PMA analytical modules, customers can easily access pre-existing report templates or choose to customize their own.


2.  Pricing Strategy and Price Setting


The Big Picture: Having reviewed and adjusted existing segmentation, define top-down Sales Strategy for growth and profitability targets for each business segment; facilitate the simulation of bottom-up alternative Strategies, for example on a regional level; automatically generate and update the Price List by SKU (including approved discount structure).

The second cluster is also composed of three modules:

Sales Strategy Manager ‘SSM’

Margin Optimizer ‘MO’

Price List & Discount Manager ‘PLD’

Key actors (Marketing, Regional Sales, Pricing, KAM, …) can generate numerous outputs using data inputs from the first thematic package. Some example outputs include:

  • Target Price by SKU
  • Comparison of overall business strategy to newly set Growth & Margin Targets by segment
  • Proposed locally adjusted Target Price by SKU and segment
  • Price List updates, changes and alerts
  • Multi-currency adaptions of the Price List

Example output: Target Price Simulations by SKU


The Big Win: Customers benefit from what we call ‘Strategic Pricing’, namely the ability to quickly and effectively set Target Prices derived from Target Margins differentiated by business segment in order to maximize value in the long-term.


3.  Price Execution


The Big Picture: Rapidly produce complex, customizable price offers for new and existing products within predefined thresholds; prepare for price re-negotiation of existing key account contracts

The third cluster is composed of two modules:

Configuration & Price Quotation ‘CPQ’

Contract Negotiation Manager ‘CNM’

Key actors (Regional Sales Manager, KAM, Production Expert, ...) can generate numerous outputs using inputs from the other thematic packages. Some example outputs include:

  • Real-time Should Cost and Target Price Quotations for specific, complex customer orders
  • Choice in calculating Target Price: Net Target Price vs. Gross Target Price *less discount*
  • Estimate of Margin and Revenue improvements based on different existing contract negotiating tactics (at portfolio and SKU levels)
  • Gap analysis post contract negotiation between target and achieved conditions

Sample output: Price quotation & Order taking


The Big Win: By facilitating the analysis of Pricing Performance compared to Target Price, companies are able to highlight negotiation priorities while justifying and defending their pricing.


4.  Price Sustainability


The Big Picture: Measure impact of Price Performance over time; manage the Pricing Process; oversee access to authorized application modules.

The fourth and last cluster is also composed of two modules:

Price Performance Tracker 'PPT'

Pricing Process Manager ‘PPM’

Key actors (CFO, Controller, Pricing, …) can generate numerous outputs using inputs from other packages as well as information on Sales’ scope of responsibility by business dimension (geography, customers, products, …). Some example outputs include:

  • Win/Loss analysis
  • Other leading/lagging Price Performance KPIs (Variance to Target Price, RM pass-through, …)
  • Mapping of pricing process workflow steps, users and access rights
  • Authorization thresholds related to access rules by user

Sample output: Price Performance Tracking


The Big Win: Customers are able to monitor Price Performance through a set of KPIs and benefit from a critical feedback loop prompting them to regularly adjust their Pricing Strategies and Target Prices.

In choosing WhiteHeron Software and WhiteHeron Pricing™, The Big Win:

We offer not only the most comprehensive pricing and profitability solution in the B2B space, we have included a unique and innovative approach to costing that is designed to deliver true cost intelligence down to the EBIT margin level.

Despite the richness and depth of our software solution, we offset it with a simple user interface and embedded workflow.

We are home to a team of young, dynamic, driven software engineers who share our commitment to unsurpassed quality and accessibility.

As firm believers in the idiom ‘Time is money’, we ensure that the set-up and installation phase of our solution is limited to a handful of months.

We are your partner in initiating a broad, cross-functional C-Level transformation leading to quick and significant benefits and improved competitive advantage.


Our extended family

The WhiteHeron Software ecosystem of strategic partners came about naturally and intuitively. Determined to stay true to our mission and vision as a software publisher while acknowledging our limitations in delivering a full solution to customers, we forged alliances with four partners that allow us to do just that:

Kearney, a leading strategy and management consulting firm, has developed an innovative concept and approach to optimize margins of industrial and distribution companies in the complex B2B market segment. It does so by leveraging an end-to-end integrated costing and pricing methodology which includes pricing strategy, target price setting and price performance tracking and sustainability. Its consultants maintain the pulse on where the market is heading and what individual customers are seeking from a pricing and profit optimization solution and feed the information to our development team.

“We’d been looking for a software solution in Europe that would let us bring our expertise to bear and which could interface with the Kearney Framework. We came across WhiteHeron Software and were quickly convinced due to its novel development approach and the expertise of its management team…” Laurent Dumarest (Senior Partner)

AltraSoft, a hosting and managed services company for business applications, provides the technical infrastructure and technical human resources allowing WhiteHeron Software to offer a private or hybrid cloud-based version of WhiteHeron Pricing™.

“AltraSoft’s mission is hosting critical business applications. It is particularly drawn to innovative, growing start-ups, and its business model facilitates the accompaniment of these companies as they grow while supporting their evolving needs during the different stages of their development.” Lorraine Pieterse (former Sales & Marketing Director)

OmniContact, an IT outsourcing company, is able to provide specific technical resources needed on an interim basis ensuring that WhiteHeron Software can meet its delivery objectives.

“Thanks to the work ethic shared by our two companies, OmniContact is able to intervene in a timely and effective way during WhiteHeron Software’s major growth phases.” Denis Daull (CEO)

Values Associates, a consulting and integration company in the Business Intelligence space, offers a bridge between the information residing in its BI systems and WhiteHeron Software’s technology.

“The synergy between our companies and what we deliver to our customers is evident. We are looking forward to our continued collaboration and a long-term, fruitful partnership.” Bénédicte Massart (COO)

About WHS (by a customer)

“The WhiteHeron Software team impressed us with their professionalism, their domain expertise and above all their willingness to listen. They communicated a clear vision of where pricing technology needs to evolve and convinced us of the soundness of the paradigm shift underlying their approach. Their motivation to build THE pricing solution that would meet our needs was unfailing.

We thus shared the same vision which helped foster open, frank and frequent communications. The results speak for themselves. We ultimately opted for the cloud version realizing the benefits of having someone else invest in the hardware and technical resources necessary to manage the software.” Claude Perrigault, Pochet


We’re recruiting

We have a number of openings in our software development organization (see job descriptions below). Do our spirit, vision and technology fit with your career aspirations? Do you believe you can make a positive difference joining our team? If so, please address your CV to benoit.voisin@whiteheron-software.com.

Job post 1

Position Overview
WhiteHeron Software is expanding its software development team, a tight-knit, talented group of highly motivated software engineers, based in Paris and Nevers, responsible for delivering a full-featured, tailored profit and pricing management solution. We’re looking for a Senior Java/Groovy Developer, who will be a key member of the team and assist in its back-end development (core application logic, database, data and application integration, API and other back-end processes) as well as testing and debugging of any back-end application or system.

Our solutions are written in Java although the business model and rules are written in Groovy. As a result, the functional rules remain clean and easily readable for a non-technical person. We’ve chosen MongoDb for data storage and an AngularJS front-end with internal logic based on Event Sourcing, an innovative architecture which facilitates maintenance tasks and improves performance.

Roles and Responsibilities
• Participate in the evolution and improvement of our back-end systems
• Improve the functional parameterization DSL in order to simplify its syntax and enhance the productivity of business consultants
• Train business consultants in using the DSL and other related tools
• Assist the Technical Director in architectural choices, development strategy and recruitment of other team members
Frequently used terms in our technical universe: Java, Groovy, DSL, MongoDb, Event-Sourcing, AngularJs, Kanban, Gradle, Guice, Git, REST, Jira, Agile.

Qualifications and Experience
• A BS in Computer Science or related field
• A minimum of 5 years’ experience in Java/Groovy development, preferably having already written a DSL in Groovy
• Curious, drawn to development environments and technical challenges, you are open to sharing your knowledge and savoir-faire

Additional Experience (a plus)
• Prior experience working for a software publisher
• Prior work experience with automatic deployment

Benefits and Advantages
• Long-term, full-time contract
• Health benefits coverage
• Convivial atmosphere based on company culture
• Entrepreneurial work environment
• Competitive salary

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Please contact us to discuss our pricing and profit optimization solution – whether you’re just curious, whether you’re pulling your hair out trying to do complex B2B pricing using an Excel spreadsheet or whether you’re engaged in a serious search for a tailor-fit pricing and profit optimization solution. You’ll be knocking on the right door. Simply fill out the form below to ask your question or to schedule a demonstration of WhiteHeron Pricing.


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